Harnessing our County’s Assets

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Success is often a result of focusing on assets, not deficits.   I believe our community is blessed with numerous assets and resources, but unfortunately, I fear they haven’t been put to their best use.  For example, our county sits in driving distance to the third largest city in our country and the most beautiful fresh water lakes in the world.  Our county will connect you to US 20, US 2, the toll road, or the railroad.  It offers land for industrial parks or recreational parks, and it provides something for those who prefer fast-paced city life as well as laid-back country living.  I believe we need to use these assets to our county’s advantage.  That is why I am looking forward to the economic development area surrounding New Carlisle.  With the progress on the town’s new energy plant and the area’s proximity to the assets I just listed, this region is already being scouted by close to thirty interested businesses looking to bring quality jobs to our community.  And the potential doesn’t stop there.  If our county works to install a rail spur and implements the high speed, high capacity internet connection of MetroNet, this economic development area is sure to attract high quality companies to the region.  It’s just one example of how our county can and should harness its God-given assets and resources to better the livelihood of its residents.  As your County Commissioner, I will continue to advance this philosophy in our local government because sometimes it’s more important to focus on how to do the best with what you have, rather than focusing on what you don’t.

Deb Fleming

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