County Economic Director

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One of my goals as your public servant is to promote and encourage economic growth throughout our community. As Commissioner Kostielney and I were brainstorming ideas , we realized that one thing we could do is create a position in the county to help existing and potential businesses. There has never been a person to help businesses navigate issues or policies specifically within the county and we believe this position is an initial step to growing the economy in St. Joseph County.


The Economic Development Director will provide some long overdue structure to the County’s efforts to increase economic development. The St. Joseph County Chamber of Commerce efforts have been productive in attracting numerous leads, but there has been no one to effectively follow up with potential new or existing businesses looking to come to or expand in the area. The Chamber will continue to serve the county with outreach planning, but this newly created position will carry the ball once an opportunity arises.


This person will work to retain, expand, attract and grow compatible businesses and industries both independently and in teaming efforts with other County, regional, and State departments. We are looking to promote growth in the county and improve the customer service for both existing and potential businesses. This is just the first step in moving St. Joseph County in the right direction.


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